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Reach out to us for a quote

We build for Web3 platforms like, Decentraland, Mozilla Hubs and a few more.

All our models are VR compatible including Oculus, Meta Quest, & the upcoming Apple Vision Pro as well. 

As a leading Metaverse Designer, APS Designs has been creating stunning and inspiring designs since 2020. 

We have delivered more than 175 projects ranging from Galleries, Stores, Offices, & Houses with over 90 5-star reviews on popular freelancing websites.


Email us at to get a quote.





1. How can you get started?

Option 1: Email us at and we will arrange a video call to answer all your questions.

Option 2: You can text on WhatsApp or Instagram from the links provided to arrange a meeting.

2. What questions do we ask?

1. What is your type of project. Gallery, Store, Office or anything else ? 

2. 1 or 2 images from you to understand your color and theme preference.

3. We finalize the price and duration to deliver the project. 

That's it! Really, it is that easy.

3. How do you pay us?

Option 1: We accept PayPal. 

We will send an invoice for 50% advance and 50% on delivery.

Option 2: If you want, we can raise the project over a freelancing platform that we use often. This way, the freelancing platform that will take care of the exchange.



Decentraland Metaverse
Starts at 175 USD

For Decentraland 3D models like NFT Galleries, Offices, and Theme parks, the pricing starts at 175$ for a 1x1 Plot.

A 1x1 plot means a Single Plot & 1x2 plot means 2 Plots of land in Decentraland, which brings the price to 350$. 

Custom price available for projects on 2x2 parcels and more. Please kindly reach out via email to discuss.


Professional Spatial Model or other Metaverse platform
Starts at 450 USD

A professional 3D Model such as an NFT Gallery, Office, Club, etc. for a platform like spatial and similar metaverse ranges between 450$ - 900$.

This would include a professional 3D model with furniture, images, lighting and a hyperlink to your website. 

Custom Pricing available for big scale projects like Apartments, Malls, Schools, & Luxury Mansions so kindly reach out via email to discuss.


Spatial Model + Packed with Features
Starts at 2,500 USD

This package for spatial will include a professional model plus features like music, custom audio, moving animations, interactive animations like color changing floors or structures when you get close, custom coins, and vehicles that you can drive. 

This package starts at 2,500$ and can can go upto 5,000$ or more depending upon the size of the project. 


Hi, my name is Akash Pal Singh. I'm the Director & Chief Metaverse Architect of APS Designs. 

I've been an author of 2 internationally published fiction novels & 4 interactive digital novels for a Singapore based firm.

APS Designs Metaverse has been operational since 2020 and going strong. It is our intention to provide the best to our customers & introduce them to the metaverse with complete transparency.

"APS Designs is here for you & it is here to stay."



Email :

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+91- 9056382373

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